2018 Day 2 Agenda

Welcome to Day 2

Good Morning H@KRs! Welcome back to Hack Shop.

Last time on Hack Shop

We introduced ourselves to each other in a couple of ways, set up HackShop Norms, swore to uphold the HackShop Code of Ethics, and set our goals for the year. You are all White Hats now…

Today we are going to:

Start Having Some Real Fun

So, Google Classroom and that stuff are, um, pretty boring I guess. I definitely wouldn’t call that hacking… So let’s start having some real fun! Complete the following challenges in order:

X-Ray Goggles

In this challenge you will learn how to easily hack websites with X-xay Goggles (in a white hat way, no black hat stuff here) by changing their source code, then saving a personal “remix-ed” copy to share!

Hack the News

Use the X-Ray Goggles bookmark to hack Chicago’s local news DNA Info: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/ and make the news ALL ABOUT YOU!