K’nex Adventures

Today, the 6th graders were starting on their process of bridges. To prepare for the bridge that they will present at the end of the year, they used K’nex. The main task was to create a beam bridge and answer the question, “What would happen if you make a bridge longer?” After today, they will be able to construct their bridges  for 2019. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from the 6th grade!

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Triangle Phenomenon!

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Today, the 6th graders had the challenge to create a structure full of triangles. After building said structures, they learned six new words that pertained to bridge making. These new words were compression, tension, bending, torsion, snapping, and buckling. They will use these new words and create techniques to avoid any breakage in their upcoming bridge building.



During the first half of science, the kids had to learn together as team to solve a puzzle. They had different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and had to put them together for one final picture. There were two groups to tackle this challenge. One had to complete the puzzle in under 45 seconds, but the other group had to solve it in under 30 seconds. They learned how to communicate as a team, which will surely help them as they continue in STEM.

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