Back from Winter Break!

Today, Ms. Flowers did a very interesting experiment, which demonstrated how dependent and independent variables work. She later explained everything and taught the¬†importance of asking questions. The scholars struggled with some vocabulary, but it’s okay to make mistakes. After that, they created more bridges! They created a warren truss bridge with Knex and worked together to create a bigger, stronger bridge. Another great day of learning from our mistakes to and move forward.

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Clips, Balloons, and Sticks

Today, the sixth graders discused about their amazing field trip in the Chicago Architecture center. They learned how to actively listen to each other. Then, they worked as a team to move a balloon around so that everyone can touch it. After that, they explore building diferent structures. After that, they proceeded with their final challenge, creating something that is tall or something that is made of just triangles

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Session 4: Building Towers

In science, the scholars were building towers today. With a lot of determintion, many of them managed to keep it straight. After that, they built another tower and learned about trusses. One thing they had learned was that triangles are the stongest shape to use to build bridges and towers. Soon, they will use their new knowledge so that they can build their own strong bridge.


2nd Day of Sixth Grade

Today, the scholars learned about how to work as a team to flip a cup. They tried many different types of methods. Many were successful, but some will learn from their mistakes. Also, they had to work together to create the highest tower, but they could only use their cups. In math, the scholars learned about variables and played a game to further help them.

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