Exploring MSI

Today the class went to MSI to explore around and to play a few games about making energy efficient cars, neighborhoods, cities, and houses and then they will use some of what they learned to make their green homes towards the end of the year. They also got to walk around the innovation fair and see what the people were showing off to the visitors.

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Light ‘Em up

Today the class was working on calculating their carbon foot-prints out of the billions of people in the world. During math they were given two alligator clips, a battery, and a lightbulb and they were given 4 different possible combinations to copy and then light up the lightbulb.

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A New Year

Welcome Back everyone! Hope you’ve had a great summer and you are all ready to start the new year and hopefully learn something new. Today the 7th grade class was introduced to a new app and style of teaching/assigning homework, Google Classroom, and they were introducing themselves as well as the teacher to the students.

A Bridge’s Strength

Today the class got to take their kits from last session to construct some actual bridges to test their strength. They will be adding weights and a basket of water bottles to the bottom of their bridge. After they’ve done their testing they will record their data about the bridge built and use those findings to contribute it into their bridge project.

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The Return of the Woolly Mammoth

Mammoth in Display

Ever since this frozen mammoth was put on display in Aichi, Japan, a team of scientists have wanted to do much more than just put it in a museum for people to see, they want to bring it back to life. Their plan is to impregnate a mammoth’s “cousin,” the elephant, somehow, and hopefully it gives birth to a new baby mammoth. The first mammoth walking around again since 10,000 years ago.