Museum of Science and Industry

Last week our Hackshop students went to the museum of science and industry. When we was there we got to explore, find our way through the mirror maze, and also being able to screen print. When we finally got through the mirror maze, the students were able to get their height, and wing span which they thought was really cool. Afterwards we got to explore the museum a bit before went to our screen printing activty. Everyone seems to like the storm room because they could control tornadoes and hurricanes. Our last activity of the day was screen printing activity. The purpose of that activity was to bring the design an transfer it or shaved it into the block, then to put ink on the design to bring the image to life.

Down below are some pictures of the screen printing activity

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Beginning of A New Year

Welcome to the 2017-2018 STEM Scholars Year. We are so excited for the new year and all of the good things that it will bring. The first class will be August 26, 2017 at Holy Trinity from 9:00am-12:00pm. Below is the schedule for the rest of the school year!


Session Dates Location
1 August 26, 2017 Holy Trinity
2 September 16, 2017 Holy Trinity
3 September 23, 2017 Holy Trinity
4 October 7, 2017 Holy Trinity
5 October, 14, 2017 Field Trip- Museum of Science and Industry


5700 S Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL 60637

6 November 4, 2017 Holy Trinity
7 November 18, 2017 Holy Trinity
8 December 16, 2017 Holy Trinity (Christmas Party)
9 January 6, 2018 Holy Trinity
10 January 27, 2018 Holy Trinity
11 February 10, 2018 Field Trip- Shedd Aquarium


1200 S Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL 60605

12 February 24, 2018 Holy Trinity
13 March 10, 2018 Holy Trinity
14 March 24, 2018 Holy Trinity
15 April 7, 2018 Holy Trinity
16 April 21, 2018 Holy Trinity
17 May 5, 2018 Holy Trinity
18 May 19, 2018 End of Year Celebration


Today in HackShop, we are finishing up our projects and portfolios for the end of the year. The students are using basic HTML to change their portfolios to the way they want it. Some of those changes are the color of the words, the font, and the background images. Down below are some of the students unfinished portfolios.

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Free Geek

Last week, Hack Shop went on a field trip to Free Geek. Free Geek is an organization that provides recycled computers to the undeserved communities at a cheaper price. On our trip there we learned about the process of building an computer, and even got a chance to practice with some of it.  Down below you will see some pictures of the field trip.

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Livescribe Echo Smartpen

There is this new piece of technology that is out, that can be very useful especially for people who takes notes slowly during class, and that product is called the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. This is a normal ink-filled pen, but it has an extra component. That component is an audio recorder. When you are writing the notes, you can turn on this button to start recording the teacher’s voice. You can get it to your electronic device by having the pen being synced to the iPad or iPhone. This audio recorder can record up to 800 hours, and then it needs to be charged. Down below is an picture of the pen.

Those are all the functions of the pen

I personally like this pen because if you have a teacher that always lectures and you can’t take all the notes down, then you can use the pen. When you have the recording you can listen to it as many times as you like. This pen has also been proven to boost college  students’ grades up.


Have you heard of Lifi? It is 100 times better than Wifi!

Lifi is an new internet connection made by a man named Harald Haas at the University of Edinburgh. It has rumors that it works 100 times better Wifi. If you didn’t know, the fastest Wifi connection you can have is up to 1000 Mbps, so if you times that by 100 you will have 100,000 Mbps. The science group has tested it out in Tallin and Estonia. Some reviews from the people were that as soon as they click on something it instantly came up. The special thing that separates Lifi from Wifi is that it uses LED lights to give off the connection. That is also what makes it so secure because when you install it, the LED lights can only stay in that room. That way you can prevent hackers from hacking your network. It is not out yet because they still have a few kinks to work out, such as how are they going to install it in the house are they going to charge for each room in the house, or for the whole house. The other problem is how much is they are going to charge for the connection. Down below is an picture that shows you how the LED lights are going to work.


It shows you the how the light will be from the ceiling.

Our Makey Makey

In Hackshop today we are working on Makey Makey. Makey Makey is a program where you can connect the usb port to your computer, and connect the wires to something that includes metal. You can use the makey makey to do a certain amount of things. Those things are to make controllers to play small games like Pac Man, and other arcade games. You can also stick the wires into the bananas, and make a banana keyboard. Today the kids are connecting the Makey Makey to the computer and trying to make controllers to play small arcade games. Below are some pictures from Google showing the banana and Pac Man Makey Makey’s.


Here is how ours came out when we connected ours to the computer.

Here is how ours came out when we connect ours to the computer