Session 7, November 17

    Today students took their last two practice practice test to prepare for the entrance exams in the upcoming weeks. For HackShop teams began their next super fun activity, the Makey Makey. Makey Makeys are small software devices that allow you to connect everyday objects to control your computer. During class,students were also interviewed on their high school decisions

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Session 6, November 3rd

   In our first 30 minutes of class the students participated in a math warm up with Josh. Each table group did a word problem activity using whiteboards. We then reviewed the algebra word problem homework and the quantitative and math exams. In Hackshop the students continued working on their “hack the news” assignments. Some teams began their next assignment, “would you rather?”, using the Timble application.


Session 3, Sept 29th

Today we revisited scholarships with LaKeisha. We started math with a super fun “getting to know you” icebreaker. Then the students took another 30 minute test prep. Scholars began their first assignments in teams using HTML with x-ray goggles to complete their task of “hack the news”.

Session 2, Sept 15th

   The beginning of class LaKeisha discussed scholarships with the scholars. In math, the class completed and reviewed a worksheet created by Josh. They started whiteboard work in their table groups and reviewed last session’s homework.

   In HackShop we revisited classroom norms and last session’s activities. The students participated in the daily community building activity where table groups had to make objects such as a car or helicopter non verbally. Shortly after, we went more in depth about hacking. Students created paper airplanes and shared hacks. Finally, we created our teams for the year and reviewed platforms like google classroom and bsfscholars.

First Session of 2018-19

For our first session of the year in math we started with introductions. We then moved to discussing high school entrance exams. The class took their first 30 minute test prep.

In the HackShop we started with an icebreaker/building community game called Red Ball. We talked about the meaning and importance of Computer Science. The class watched a kid president video and set their goal for year. The meaning and differences of white, black, and gray hat hackers was explained. Lastly, the students took the white hat hacker pledge and completed their first exit slips.