Egg Bungee


Today, the 5th graders learned about the decimal system and place values. They participated in an activities that strengthened their knowledge of decimals and their values. During science, they conducted an experiment that included eggs, ziploc bags, and rubber bands. They had many trials and tests. They added more rubber bands each time to see how that would affect the distance the egg would travel downwards.

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Clips, Balloons, and Sticks

Today, the sixth graders discused about their amazing field trip in the Chicago Architecture center. They learned how to actively listen to each other. Then, they worked as a team to move a balloon around so that everyone can touch it. After that, they explore building diferent structures. After that, they proceeded with their final challenge, creating something that is tall or something that is made of just triangles. IMG_3813IMG_3819 IMG_3814 IMG_3816 IMG_3809 Continue reading →

Simple Machines

The 5th graders learned about wedges and levers through a simulation! They were able to interact with the objects and move them, which showed the different results when a change was made. The students recognized that they use these simple machines in their daily lives, such as a door stopper, which is a wedge.

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Session 4, October 20th

Today in class we discussed the High School fair that will take place the next session, November 3rd, 2018 at Holy Trinity from 11:30AM- 1:00PM. During math today, we went over all of the previous test, and discussed problems that students had difficulty on. During the Hack Shop portion, students worked on two challenges called “Would You Rather” and “Pop Quiz, Hot Shot”. Both of these challenges consisted of using code building blocks to create fun quizzes!

Session 4: Building Towers

In science, the scholars were building towers today. With a lot of determintion, many of them managed to keep it straight. After that, they built another tower and learned about trusses. A triangle is the stongest shape to build bridges and towers! Later, they experimented with different weights to see how strong their structure was. Even though it was quite chilly, the scholars are all happy to be here.20180929_11441920181013_093052