Beginning of A New Year

Welcome to the 2017-2018 STEM Scholars Year. We are so excited for the new year and all of the good things that it will bring. The first class will be August 26, 2017 at Holy Trinity from 9:00am-12:00pm. Below is the schedule for the rest of the school year!


Session Dates Location
1 August 26, 2017 Holy Trinity
2 September 16, 2017 Holy Trinity
3 September 23, 2017 Holy Trinity
4 October 7, 2017 Holy Trinity
5 October, 14, 2017 Field Trip- Museum of Science and Industry


5700 S Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL 60637

6 November 4, 2017 Holy Trinity
7 November 18, 2017 Holy Trinity
8 December 16, 2017 Holy Trinity (Christmas Party)
9 January 6, 2018 Holy Trinity
10 January 27, 2018 Holy Trinity
11 February 10, 2018 Field Trip- Shedd Aquarium


1200 S Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL 60605

12 February 24, 2018 Holy Trinity
13 March 10, 2018 Holy Trinity
14 March 24, 2018 Holy Trinity
15 April 7, 2018 Holy Trinity
16 April 21, 2018 Holy Trinity
17 May 5, 2018 Holy Trinity
18 May 19, 2018 End of Year Celebration

Bees and Butterflys

Last time at STEM the 5th graders went on a trip to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. First we learned about honeybees, they got to learn all the differences between the three tyes of bees queen, worker, and drone. Then we got to explore the museum. We went to see where the bee hives are kept, even though the hives arent working right now. We also went through the butterfly greenhouse.



Arctic vs. Antarctica

Today the 5th graders dicussed and learned about the differences and similarities of the North and South poles. As an expirament they had two containers. Both containers had water and pebbles inside. The water acted as the ocean and the pebbles acted as the land. To distinguish the two a L and W were written on each of the containers. Each group was given two pieces of ice, in L container the ice was laid on top of the land. In the container marked W, the ice was placed in the water. At the end of the project it was shown that the containers where the ice was on the land, that the water level rised more than the containers where the ice was put in the water.

Another short project they did today was being given cards, the cards had pictures of things like penguins, polarbears, seals, scientists, and volcanoes. They had to put the cards into three groups Antarctica, Arctic, and both. Many of the groups were suprised that some of the answers weren’t what they thought.



Egg Bungee

Today the 5th graders finished testing thier paper airplanes from last week. Then they got to start building and testing thier egg bungees. To test using egg bungees they had to first drop the egg from one meter. When collecting data they had to change the amount of rubber bands used. After that they each dropped the egg from two meters. Each group had to measure the inches from the ground. One group even got as close as 5 inches!




An Electric Halloween

An Electric Halloween
This Halloween the 7th grade students did two experiments. The first experiment was getting a light bulb to light using two batteries and two wires. The second experiment was using a lamp to power a solar cell panel from a 40 degree angle, then find the voltage of the solar cell. This experiment was challenging but when everyone helped and put forth an effort, it was easier. Within this experiment the 7th grade students learned about a multimeter, and solar cell panels. These two scientific instruments contribute to their knowledge about STEM. This electric Halloween consisted of tricks but the 7th grade students found the treat.

It’s a Beautiful Day 11

Todayeaster-cute-bunny-source_br4 started off rather interesting. We share a classroom with a family of bunnies and saw that the bunnies had new babies. So Dr.Friedman decided to give them the names Floppy, Mopsy, and Peter. Thus coming from the beloved tale of Peter Rabbit. If only Spring could be here already. One more week to go.

Todays agenda included working on Scratch, Arduino, and or MIT App Inventor. App Inventor includes creating fun games for any android device like a phone or tablet. The new Arduino challenges include LEDs and push buttons.

Josh and Christian worked on MIT App Inventor and created a game where if you tap on a mole you receive points where as Jonathan and Denise are working on Arduino. They are working on adding push buttons to the Arduino board itself. Each group has a different goal and work through the problems along the way with the help of each other, and Dr.Friedman. What are some problems they faced?

The problem Christian and Josh faced were aligning the image sprites with the holes in their game. Johnathan and Denise faced some problems with the Arduino board turning on and with the program git hub. Sometimes the problems are minor and sometimes they are major, just like chords on a piano. Sometimes the problems are with the software or with the hardware. More of the hardware problems come from the Arduino board. Most of the software problems come from Scratch. Once the problems are solved the outcome is quite awesome and am amazing. Keep up the good work guys. I hope you have a good Spring Break everyone. Happy Easter and see you on April 11th.