Spaghetti Noodle Towers

The seventh graders worked on their team building skills this session by working together to build the tallest structure they can out of spaghetti noodles, string, tape, and a marshmallow. The groups had to think about the kind of base that would be best to support their structure. They came up with unique ideas. They also performed experiments to find out which wind mill blades were the most efficient.

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Paper Cup Buildings

This morning, the seventh graders did an activity that involved them to work in teams. Their task was to build the tallest building out of paper cups in ten minutes. Through this activity, the teams had to work efficiently to build the structure. They had to share their ideas of which techniques would work the best and listen to each other, too. All of the teams worked well together and this reflected in their paper cup buildings.


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First Day in 7th Grade

Today, the seventh graders were introduced to their new class and teacher, Ms. Nemeth! The students will learn about many things, such as environmental engineering and renewable resources. The students watched a video about nature and saw a presentation about Ms. Nemeth’s profession as an environmental engineer. They took an environmental challenge quiz and a math diagnostic test to see how much they already knew. They did an ice breaker activity called “Find a Classmate Who…” and walked around the class to find other students with the different characteristics. The names could only be used once, making them converse with everyone to fill out their papers. The sparked conversations helped them get to know each other better!

Presentations and Dimensions

Today was the day for the class to complete their measurements and calculating the square feet of their home. When they were finished with that, they had to finish their spreadsheet they are using to calculate the total cost, per day, of each appliance they will be using in their home. While some group members did that, the others were working on transferring the information they got, onto their Google slides presentation. The presentation should include the following power used(in watts and kilowatts), time spent using it, days spent, and as said, total cost of usage.

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“Planning” Ahead

Today, the class was tasked with coming up with the dimensions of their homes. They had to draw a layout of their home to use when they are making it on Google SketchUp, and they were given some requirements. They need to have one or more bathrooms, one or more kitchens, two or more bedrooms, and they were only given a total of 3,000 square feet to use for their entire house.

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Green Homes 2017!!

Today the class began doing the research for their green home. They had to look up the area in which they would be living in, dealt out randomly. They had to further research the area, for example, the biome, weather, how are some of the homes already there powered, where are they going to get their power from, etc.

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Today the class were taught the basics of a nuclear engineer and what their everyday workday looks like. The class also got to go into the hall to simulate what to do and wear when you enter a radiated area. One other activity they did was use ludlums to measure the counts/minute of random household items.


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