Presentations and Dimensions

Today was the day for the class to complete their measurements and calculating the square feet of their home. When they were finished with that, they had to finish their spreadsheet they are using to calculate the total cost, per day, of each appliance they will be using in their home. While some group members did that, the others were working on transferring the information they got, onto their Google slides presentation. The presentation should include the following power used(in watts and kilowatts), time spent using it, days spent, and as said, total cost of usage.

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“Planning” Ahead

Today, the class was tasked with coming up with the dimensions of their homes. They had to draw a layout of their home to use when they are making it on Google SketchUp, and they were given some requirements. They need to have one or more bathrooms, one or more kitchens, two or more bedrooms, and they were only given a total of 3,000 square feet to use for their entire house.

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Green Homes 2017!!

Today the class began doing the research for their green home. They had to look up the area in which they would be living in, dealt out randomly. They had to further research the area, for example, the biome, weather, how are some of the homes already there powered, where are they going to get their power from, etc.

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Today the class were taught the basics of a nuclear engineer and what their everyday workday looks like. The class also got to go into the hall to simulate what to do and wear when you enter a radiated area. One other activity they did was use ludlums to measure the counts/minute of random household items.


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Exploring MSI

Today the class went to MSI to explore around and to play a few games about making energy efficient cars, neighborhoods, cities, and houses and then they will use some of what they learned to make their green homes towards the end of the year. They also got to walk around the innovation fair and see what the people were showing off to the visitors.

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Light ‘Em up

Today the class was working on calculating their carbon foot-prints out of the billions of people in the world. During math they were given two alligator clips, a battery, and a lightbulb and they were given 4 different possible combinations to copy and then light up the lightbulb.

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A New Year

Welcome Back everyone! Hope you’ve had a great summer and you are all ready to start the new year and hopefully learn something new. Today the 7th grade class was introduced to a new app and style of teaching/assigning homework, Google Classroom, and they were introducing themselves as well as the teacher to the students.

Energy Efficient Home Animations

Along with there blueprints, the 7th grade students have used sketchup to make their animated models. Doing so has lead them one step closer to creating their 3D models. As this being a part of their end of the year experiment, this is going to need more work and effort. Most of the students have been working hard on the exterior of their homes, but soon they will all be working on their interior if the aren’t already. Their energy efficient homes are under construction virtualy, but the more they work the sooner their homes will become under construction physically. Below is how far some of the groups have gotten.

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Off the Grid Home Blueprints

The 7th grade students have been making their designs for their off the grid homes. Their designs will help them during the making of their homes on sketchup. They need to have accurate measurements, and reasonable estimates in order to have a good foundation. Using those hand written blueprints the 7th grade class will be one step closer to making their animated models.

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