Remixing a Starter Project, Session 14

We began our session with another high school prep activity. Our STEM interns came and talked to the students about high school preparation. The interns gave tips, shared experiences, answered questions, and overall calmed their nerves for the next big step. After activity, students went into teams and began challenges. While some continued working on their Easter holidays cards, others went onto next challenge of remixing a starter project. In this challenge, teams have to “remix”, change coding, of a starter game in Scratch which is similar to the Hack the News challenge.

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Easter Holiday Cards, Session 13

Today, students began class with a high school prep activity where they learned how open Master Locks to help them with their future lockers. We had a brief discussion about the final project, creating a portfolio, and played our constructing our community game where students were asked their hopes and fears for high school. Teams then retrieved their laptops and got to work. While some teams finished up last week’s challenge, others began the next challenge of creating an Easter holiday card in scratch. After diligent work, the class had a 5 minute brain break. We ended the session with the students completing their creative holiday cards.

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Using Scratch, Session 12

We started our morning with a constructing our community game where students were asked a series of questions about their game controller design with different partners. A Scratch tutorial was given to help students with their next challenge. Teams then made adjustments and completed their game controllers. Their game controllers were tested and the teams received feedback and suggestions. During break, the class participated in two brain break games, brain wires crossed and Rock Paper Scissors dragon. Teams started their next challenge of exploring and making a Scratch animation.

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BitSpace!, Session 11

The 8th grade class had a field trip to BitSpace this session. BitSpace teaches students to build using hand/power tools, 3D printers, design software, game development, and much more. Our STEM scholars participated in the software part of BitSpace. Students had the task to create their own obstacle course game in the software Unity. Teams switched computers and tested each other games once done. Everyone was so creative with making their obstacles courses and had a fun experience learning game designing.

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A Day of Hackshop, Session 10

Today we had a whole session of HackShop! We first discussed and prepared for our field trip next week to BitSpace. The class played their constructing the community game where they answered a series of question with different partners. Students continued last week’s challenge, making their custom game controllers Makey Makey game controllers with their teams. The teams then tested another team’s game controller and gave feedback for teams to progress or re-examine. After a while of hard work, the class took a brain break and played active Rock Paper Scissors. Students finished the session by completing their game controllers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Welcome Back!, Session 9

It’s our first day back to class for the 2019 year! We began math with a fast math trick for multiplying double digit numbers. The class then started a new lesson of Binary numbers. The students initially get an understanding of base 10 then go onto converting decimals to binary numbers. After, teams get more practice using online games and videos.

In HackShop, students re-evaluated their goals from the beginning of the year to determine if they’ve maintained their goal or want to create a new one. While some teams complete past challenges, others start the next challenge using their creativity and knowledge of the Makey Makeys to create their own custom game controller.

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Happy Holidays, Session 8

     Today was the last session of the semester. Classes were shorten due to our annual holiday party. In the math portion of class, students took a quick survey on their thoughts of the entrance exam and received information on scholarships. Teams continued their would you rather and pop quiz exercises for HackShop. The teams then went onto going more in depth using Makey Makeys, exploring different ways to use it including game controllers.

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Session 6, November 3rd

   In our first 30 minutes of class the students participated in a math warm up with Josh. Each table group did a word problem activity using whiteboards. We then reviewed the algebra word problem homework and the quantitative and math exams. In Hackshop the students continued working on their “hack the news” assignments. Some teams began their next assignment, “would you rather?”, using the Timble application.

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Session 4, October 20th

Today in class we discussed the High School fair that will take place the next session, November 3rd, 2018 at Holy Trinity from 11:30AM- 1:00PM. During math today, we went over all of the previous test, and discussed problems that students had difficulty on. During the Hack Shop portion, students worked on two challenges called “Would You Rather” and “Pop Quiz, Hot Shot”. Both of these challenges consisted of using code building blocks to create fun quizzes!