Welcome Back!, Session 9

It’s our first day back to class for the 2019 year! We began math with a fast math trick for multiplying double digit numbers. The class then started a new lesson of Binary numbers. The students initially get an understanding of base 10 then go onto converting decimals to binary numbers. After, teams get more practice using online games and videos.

In HackShop, students re-evaluated their goals from the beginning of the year to determine if they’ve maintained their goal or want to create a new one. While some teams complete past challenges, others start the next challenge using their creativity and knowledge of the Makey Makeys to create their own custom game controller.

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Happy Holidays, Session 8

     Today was the last session of the semester. Classes were shorten due to our annual holiday party. In the math portion of class, students took a quick survey on their thoughts of the entrance exam and received information on scholarships. Teams continued their would you rather and pop quiz exercises for HackShop. The teams then went onto going more in depth using Makey Makeys, exploring different ways to use it including game controllers.

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Session 6, November 3rd

   In our first 30 minutes of class the students participated in a math warm up with Josh. Each table group did a word problem activity using whiteboards. We then reviewed the algebra word problem homework and the quantitative and math exams. In Hackshop the students continued working on their “hack the news” assignments. Some teams began their next assignment, “would you rather?”, using the Timble application.

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Session 4, October 20th

Today in class we discussed the High School fair that will take place the next session, November 3rd, 2018 at Holy Trinity from 11:30AM- 1:00PM. During math today, we went over all of the previous test, and discussed problems that students had difficulty on. During the Hack Shop portion, students worked on two challenges called “Would You Rather” and “Pop Quiz, Hot Shot”. Both of these challenges consisted of using code building blocks to create fun quizzes!

Session 2, Sept 15th

   The beginning of class LaKeisha discussed scholarships with the scholars. In math, the class completed and reviewed a worksheet created by Josh. They started whiteboard work in their table groups and reviewed last session’s homework.

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   In HackShop we revisited classroom norms and last session’s activities. The students participated in the daily community building activity where table groups had to make objects such as a car or helicopter non verbally. Shortly after, we went more in depth about hacking. Students created paper airplanes and shared hacks. Finally, we created our teams for the year and reviewed platforms like google classroom and bsfscholars.

First Session of 2018-19

For our first session of the year in math we started with introductions. We then moved to discussing high school entrance exams. The class took their first 30 minute test prep.

In the HackShop we started with an icebreaker/building community game called Red Ball. We talked about the meaning and importance of Computer Science. The class watched a kid president video and set their goal for year. The meaning and differences of white, black, and gray hat hackers was explained. Lastly, the students took the white hat hacker pledge and completed their first exit slips.


Makey Makey

Over these past few sessions of STEM, 8th graders started working with Makey Makeys to have an introduction to programming. One project that the 8th graders have been working on is creating a holiday Christmas card. With this project the students used the Makey Makeys and scratch to make an interactive programmed Christmas card. Another activity the students the students are currently working on is using the Makey Makeys and scratch to create some type of game controller that will be able to work with online games. First, the students need to think about an idea, write the code in scratch, and then create a game controller out of the provided materials(card board, foil, tape, glue). Overall this experience went really well for the 8th graders because they were able to gain the knowledge of programming.

Museum of Science and Industry

Last week our Hackshop students went to the museum of science and industry. When we was there we got to explore, find our way through the mirror maze, and also being able to screen print. When we finally got through the mirror maze, the students were able to get their height, and wing span which they thought was really cool. Afterwards we got to explore the museum a bit before went to our screen printing activty. Everyone seems to like the storm room because they could control tornadoes and hurricanes. Our last activity of the day was screen printing activity. The purpose of that activity was to bring the design an transfer it or shaved it into the block, then to put ink on the design to bring the image to life.

Down below are some pictures of the screen printing activity

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Well into the New Year!

In our first session of 2017 a few of our scholars were introduced to a very interesting piece of technology known as Makey Makey. Full of innovative thoughts, our scholars got to work as they created game pads and more. With the help of only a few wires, cardboard, aluminum foil, and a Makey Makey Board, they were able to do what they saw fit. Through out the session many of our scholars attacked the challenge of building a playable maze through Scratch. With help from their highly developed problem solving skills, our scholars completed the task and racked up some points on the Hack Shop Leaderboard.