It’s a Beautiful Day 11

Todayeaster-cute-bunny-source_br4 started off rather interesting. We share a classroom with a family of bunnies and saw that the bunnies had new babies. So Dr.Friedman decided to give them the names Floppy, Mopsy, and Peter. Thus coming from the beloved tale of Peter Rabbit. If only Spring could be here already. One more week to go.

Todays agenda included working on Scratch, Arduino, and or MIT App Inventor. App Inventor includes creating fun buy CBD products for any android device like a phone or tablet. The new Arduino challenges include LEDs and push buttons.

Josh and Christian worked on MIT App Inventor and created a game where if you tap on a mole you receive points where as Jonathan and Denise are working on Arduino. They are working on adding push buttons to the Arduino board itself. Each group has a different goal and work through the problems along the way with the help of each other, and Dr.Friedman. What are some problems they faced?

The problem Christian and Josh faced were aligning the image sprites with the holes in their game. Johnathan and Denise faced some problems with the Arduino board turning on and with the program git hub. Sometimes the problems are minor and sometimes they are major, just like chords on a piano. Sometimes the problems are with the software or with the hardware. More of the hardware problems come from the Arduino board. Most of the software problems come from Scratch. Once the problems are solved the outcome is quite awesome and am amazing. Keep up the good work guys. I hope you have a good Spring Break everyone. Happy Easter and see you on April 11th.

Field Museum

As day 11 commences we started off with MIT App Inventor. MIT App inventor is a program that allows people to create apps on their own android device. Today’s activity included creating a magic 8 ball app that’s tells your fortune. It is very similar to a program that we have recently used called Scratch. After creating our amazing apps we got to explore the wonderful Field Museum. Some pics will be posted have a good day:)

Welcome to Day 10


Welcome to Day 10. Today we focused on continuing Arduino 101 and or Scratch. Remember arduino? Arduino is a board that can be programmed and talked to to ultimately create bigger projects. They can be used to make interactive projects such as some robotics and can be connected to light sensors as well.


Arduino engineers learned to use github to manage software and learned how to control and talk to the arduino board itself. By talking to the board they eventually learned to control a blinking light on the board and were able to be in total control.Scratch web makers continued their white hat hacking and continued changing the web. 



Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015 everyone, today and leading on until the end of the year was all about either learning more about hardware or software. Software can be defined as something found in a computer or as simple as a recipe in a cookbook. Hardware can be just as easily altered and changed but in different ways. For example you can change the recipes actual text just like changing a computer’s code or instructions. But changing the computers hardware would be changing the pieces inside of it. With both hardware and software you can alter and change the object or the object’s instructons.

Christmas Party!!!

Today was our annual Christmas party at Holy Trinity but it wouldn’t be a party without learning a little too. So first we worked on our Christmas Animation card. Then were featured on a game show hosted by Dr. Friedman himself, and then worked on math with Ms. Nemeth. Finally we exchanged our goodbyes and said, Merry Christmas everyone!!! See you all next (4)download (3)


Today we started off with a rather interesting ice breaker which included a special guest. Dr. Friedman’s wife. Yay! The ice breaker included trying to remembr everyone’s name  After a quick review lesson about scientific notation with Ms. Nemeth, we finally got to tackle the infamous Makey Makey. A Makey Makey is a circuit board that mimics your computer’s keyboard. It allows you to customize the way you send information to your computer. We created not only keyboards but a drum set as well. In order to achieve a playing keyboard you must complete to circuit with your body. For example with the banana keyboard when playing it you must hold the lime in one hand and then touch the bananas or “keys” with the other hand. This action allows the circuit to flow through one hand and out the other. Jpeg   More information about Makey Makeys can be found here:

Our Intergalactic Trip to the Adler

Today at the Adler, we completed and jazzed up our planet profiles. Then we moved on to exploring the planets and researching about the most interesting facts about them. We then explored the exhibits and collected even more data. During the math we learned to calculate the mass of each planet and write in scientific notation. We ended the travel with a show called Destination Galaxy. Unfortunately we did not come in encounter with any organisms from the galaxy. Or did we? Ask your kids if they saw any aliens.

BSF 8th Grade STEM Scholars at the Adler.

BSF 8th Grade STEM Scholars at the Adler.