Beginning of A New Year

Welcome to the 2017-2018 STEM Scholars Year. We are so excited for the new year and all of the good things that it will bring. The first class will be August 26, 2017 at Holy Trinity from 9:00am-12:00pm. Below is the schedule for the rest of the school year!


Session Dates Location
1 August 26, 2017 Holy Trinity
2 September 16, 2017 Holy Trinity
3 September 23, 2017 Holy Trinity
4 October 7, 2017 Holy Trinity
5 October, 14, 2017 Field Trip- Museum of Science and Industry


5700 S Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL 60637

6 November 4, 2017 Holy Trinity
7 November 18, 2017 Holy Trinity
8 December 16, 2017 Holy Trinity (Christmas Party)
9 January 6, 2018 Holy Trinity
10 January 27, 2018 Holy Trinity
11 February 10, 2018 Field Trip- Shedd Aquarium


1200 S Lake Shore Dr.

Chicago, IL 60605

12 February 24, 2018 Holy Trinity
13 March 10, 2018 Holy Trinity
14 March 24, 2018 Holy Trinity
15 April 7, 2018 Holy Trinity
16 April 21, 2018 Holy Trinity
17 May 5, 2018 Holy Trinity
18 May 19, 2018 End of Year Celebration

“Planning” Ahead

Today, the class was tasked with coming up with the dimensions of their homes. They had to draw a layout of their home to use when they are making it on Google SketchUp, and they were given some requirements. They need to have one or more bathrooms, one or more kitchens, two or more bedrooms, and they were only given a total of 3,000 square feet to use for their entire house.

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Cost, Appliances, and Sketch Up

Today the class had a guest speaker, Mr. Nemeth, he came to talk to the class about the Walgreens net zero store to hopefully spark some ideas for the class to use in their green homes, or incorporate some things they saw in the video they were showed, to their home. For Math, everyone got the oppurtunity to look up the cost of any necessary applainces that they would have to have in their homes or might not have depending on their green home’s location. Each group was also able to look up the cost to power their homes using the specific energy source each group was assigned. To try and get into the swing of things, everyone tried out the Google sketch up program on the laptops to mess around with it and get an idea on how they will make their home.


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Today the class were taught the basics of a nuclear engineer and what their everyday workday looks like. The class also got to go into the hall to simulate what to do and wear when you enter a radiated area. One other activity they did was use ludlums to measure the counts/minute of random household items.


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Balloon Car Challenge!



Today, the 6th grade class was challenged by Mrs. Flowers to get a toy car as close as possible to the specific distance. The toy cars were controlled by a balloon. The students had to blow up the balloon, then when they were directed to, they were to release the balloon to make the car move. The closer you got to the end point given, the better. The lesson for today was to help the students better understand what force was moving the balloon car and how much air was needed in the balloon to move the car far enough to reach the distance needed.