Colorblind Correcting Glasses

The EnChroma glasses give the colorblind an amazing opportunity, the ability to see colors the way people with normal color vision do. It depends on the persons degree of colorblindness, but the glasses range from the price of $269-$469 dollars. EnChroma was founded by Don McPherson, who is now the chief scientist. Even for those who are not effected, colors will appear more vibrant.

The Return of the Woolly Mammoth

Mammoth in Display

Ever since this frozen mammoth was put on display in Aichi, Japan, a team of scientists have wanted to do much more than just put it in a museum for people to see, they want to bring it back to life. Their plan is to impregnate a mammoth’s “cousin,” the elephant, somehow, and hopefully it gives birth to a new baby mammoth. The first mammoth walking around again since 10,000 years ago.


In about a decade, human teleportation will be possible says professor Michio Kaku. He believes that all the things from Star Trek are possible, including teleportation. He thinks this is “possible,” because scientists have already achieved teleportation by teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 km (15 miles) of optical fibre. So if this is possible, he knows human trials will be possible. And once human teleportation is possible, Kaku believes that teleporting will be so advanced that teleporting to other planets could be possible.

It would be pretty cool to get to use the quote from Star Trek, “Beam me up Scotty,” and you are actually teleporting somewhere.



Livescribe Echo Smartpen

There is this new piece of technology that is out, that can be very useful especially for people who takes notes slowly during class, and that product is called the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. This is a normal ink-filled pen, but it has an extra component. That component is an audio recorder. When you are writing the notes, you can turn on this button to start recording the teacher’s voice. You can get it to your electronic device by having the pen being synced to the iPad or iPhone. This audio recorder can record up to 800 hours, and then it needs to be charged. Down below is an picture of the pen.

Those are all the functions of the pen

I personally like this pen because if you have a teacher that always lectures and you can’t take all the notes down, then you can use the pen. When you have the recording you can listen to it as many times as you like. This pen has also been proven to boost college  students’ grades up.


Laser Pens that heal wounds

By 2017 the portable laser pen will be mastered and confirmed for use by anyone. Walking into a hospital for surgery will no longer leave a nasty scar from the stitches.

Not only would doctors be able to use it, you can too. Imagine you’re going on a hike and you slip and cut your leg, having this laser pen in your pocket to seal that wound like X-men character Wolverine would be pretty cool.