Easter Holiday Cards, Session 13

Today, students began class with a high school prep activity where they learned how open Master Locks to help them with their future lockers. We had a brief discussion about the final project, creating a portfolio, and played our constructing our community game where students were asked their hopes and fears for high school. Teams then retrieved their laptops and got to work. While some teams finished up last week’s challenge, others began the next challenge of creating an Easter holiday card in scratch. After diligent work, the class had a 5 minute brain break. We ended the session with the students completing their creative holiday cards.

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The Plant ( Field Trip )

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In today’s STEM session the kids went to “The Plant”, an abandoned meat facility turned into a nonprofit building focused on vertical inside farms and shops. During our visit we explored the different floors of the building, seeing old smoke chambers that have been transformed into bathrooms and coming across a indoor pond with turtle. At the end of exploring the building, we returned to the classroom and made our own indoor vertical farm with a filtration system, a cool experience.

K’nex 2.0

During this session, the 6th graders reviewed their bridge vocabulary and tested two truss bridges made out of K’nex, which were a Baltimore and a Howe bridge, for breakage or buckling. In the end, they discovered that the Howe bridge was the best one to hold the most weight. As a result of the kids finding the best truss bridge, they have more knowledge going into their engineering course!

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Session 7, 7th grade


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Today in STEM we were groups of four to create a boat out of aluminum. Two were created from each group, one being a test boat and the other one being the final boat. In the testing pool, the groups figured out how many marbles their boat could take before sinking, one group even managed to hold 200 marbles.

Session 7, November 17

    Today students took their last two practice practice test to prepare for the entrance exams in the upcoming weeks. For HackShop teams began their next super fun activity, the Makey Makey. Makey Makeys are small software devices that allow you to connect everyday objects to control your computer. During class,students were also interviewed on their high school decisions

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Today the fifth grade class began their catapult construction and were tasked to build a catapult that is accurate with a lot of power to travel up to 6 meters. Everyone built a catapult based on what they have been learning about simple machines or just out of creativity.


Today 6th grade finished up their PHETs and they started K’NEXs again. They were building beam bridges and they had to work as a team which they enjoy doing. They stayed really focused and had lots of fun even while answering questions on their worksheets. In math they worked on 3 dimensional figures, specifically cubes and they were so interested.