Arctic vs. Antarctica

Today the 5th graders dicussed and learned about the differences and similarities of the North and South poles. As an expirament they had two containers. Both containers had water and pebbles inside. The water acted as the ocean and the pebbles acted as the land. To distinguish the two a L and W were written on each of the containers. Each group was given two pieces of ice, in L container the ice was laid on top of the land. In the container marked W, the ice was placed in the water. At the end of the project it was shown that the containers where the ice was on the land, that the water level rised more than the containers where the ice was put in the water.

Another short project they did today was being given cards, the cards had pictures of things like penguins, polarbears, seals, scientists, and volcanoes. They had to put the cards into three groups Antarctica, Arctic, and both. Many of the groups were suprised that some of the answers weren’t what they thought.



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