Architecture Foundation!!!!

Today 6th grade went to the Architecture Foundation for a field trip. They learned about building structures and how they are supported by arches and other building tools. They had a tour outside exploring real buildings and their supports. They had a lot of fun even though it was freezing and they were well behaved too.70EE9B37-E1C0-4D22-A75F-F3A066CF68A7 12B5EAA9-2CDE-40C8-95EF-E1D3750CF494 246929F2-6A28-4EA0-AA1B-A07EB590CDF7 C4AC818F-CA90-4D06-A9A9-84D2C5905ED4 D60675F7-FB3C-4AF8-B294-1034F1CE0CA6 4BA7F52B-C1D7-4943-97E2-77BEE696894D 3E9DB73A-CFFD-44AE-BDF3-F73D47274FE3 2D0FE78B-112A-459B-BD35-DAF00653A749

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