Day 7 2017

Welcome to Day 7

Welcome back to Hack Shop. Today, we’re continuing our software work from Day 6, and once you get into Scratch you’ll be getting a little more creative with it!

Last time on Hack Shop

We took an important step on our path towards building for the web by learning the important skill of prototyping. Using the Webmaker App for Android, we created quizzes using simple text, images and links. Why do we call this a prototype? It’s because our ultimate goal is to code with HTML and CSS. However, by using paper and pencil, then an app like Webmaker, we can quickly brainstorm, storyboard, and prototype our ideas before getting down and dirty with coding.

OK, here’s what we’re going to do today:

Continue Our Work from Day 6.

Did you do these assignments? But did you turn them in though? Check the scoreboard and make a plan to revise your work and resubmit for full credit.

Once you’ve wrapped up the challenges in Level 2, it’s time to take a peek behind the screen at how hardware works using MaKey MaKeys.

Plug in the MaKey MaKey

Extend the MaKey MaKey

Once you’ve wrapped up the challenges in Level 3, it’s time to take a deeper dive into coding with Scratch.

Complete the Scratch Tutorial

Design a Holiday Card