Hi, I’m Madi

Hey it’s Madi,if you didn’t know already I am currently a Freshman at Whitney M. Young High School. High school has been a huge change in my life. I went from going to such a small grammar school to going to a school with over two thousand kids. During the first week of school, to me felt a little odd you know getting dropped off at a new place. Now it has become a routine for me. When you start high school the same friends you had while in grammar school might not still be your friends in high school.

Don’t be worried though because you will meet tons of new kids that will like you, for you. Believe me I’m super shy and was so worried about making friends, but now I have lots of them. Be outgoing. If you want or feel like you have the time to join a sport or club go for it. If you join clubs you’re bound to meet people who have the same interest as you. Your workload depends on what classes you have in some classes you may get more homework and less in others.

For example I have an English paper due every Monday but in Biology some days we have a quiz so no homework will be given that night. I currently do up to two to four hours of homework a night. There are rarely days with no homework. I believe that I have only had one day with absolutely no homework. What helps me is to not only try and manage my time but also to have the frame of mind that includes “school first and other stuff later” for example if you want to go to a movie Friday night do your homework the night before so then you have the rest of the weekend to relax and sleep in.

Then you won’t have to worry about it. School is my top priority so if you join a sport make sure your able to keep up with classwork as well.I have joined cross country this year and next year plan on joining swim team. High school is stressful at times. You have to think about what college you want to go to and what you initially want to be in the future. Just remember if you work hard in school you’ll be able to go places where others kids dream of going.

You will go to the top colleges and be able to be anything you want to be as long as you work hard. It is scary coming in as a Freshman but I just remember that all the upperclassmen have been Freshman too at one time. It’s hard to finally realize that your a Freshman and that your going to spend the next four years at this school. I hope that it will feel like home once it comes time for me to graduate.

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