First Month of High School

My name is Abigail Gost and I am currently a freshman at Lane Tech. I have just completed my first month of high school. So far I have to say high school is a big adjustment. Going from a class of 14 to a class of over 1,000 is a little overwhelming at times. Even though it can be a little aggravating, I’m trying to soak it all in.
Last week was spirit week. Lane Tech. students have A LOT of pride in their school. On spirit day everyone was dressed from head to toe in the school colors, green and gold. On that day there was a pep rally in the stadium. All of the 4,000+ students were there. It was loud and chaotic but the crowd was definitely excited. In the halls there were people screaming “Seniors! ’15!” or for us it was “Freshman! ’18!” at the tops of their lungs all day. At the homecoming football game, there was a huge line just to get in the stadium! Students, faculty, and people from the community all joined in the festivities to cheer on our beloved team! Lane Tech. won the game and that was a great end to spirit week!
From the academic aspect of high school, I’m doing well. So far my favorite class of the day is either English or World Studies. I learn new things every day! I have at least 2 hours of homework per day so I’m definitely busy. My teachers are all really nice and pay a lot of attention to each individual student.
I signed up for some clubs as well. I signed up for Autism Speaks club, Student Council, Glee club, and Lane Tech Buddies. I am most excited for Lane Tech Buddies because it is a club that’s all about hanging out with the special needs students. We even plan their prom! I am really excited to start all of these clubs!
I feel that this year is a year of opportunities for me. I am so excited to help with the STEM program!