Today the 5th grade class made and tested parachutes. They started with basic types of parachutes using only paper and tape. These rough drafts gave them ideas on how to build the real thing. After they tested the examples they began to make ideas about their final project. For their final parachute they had the choice of garbage bag pieces, aluminum foil pieces, or coffee filters. With these materials, tape, and string the 5th grade class had to guide a washer on to a target at the slowest time possible being dropped from a great height. This height was so great that Mrs. Casey was required to stand on a ladder with her arm reaching high. Our slowest time recorded was 1.70 seconds. The time and location of your landing all depended on how it was made, what materials were used, and how you required Mrs. Casey to drop it. It was really interesting to see the 5th graders’ competitiveness and enthusiasm for the project.

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