Poor Eggbert :(

Today in STEM the fifth grade class had to recreate their parachutes only this time they were on a budget. They could not get any more materials other than what they could purchase with their ten dollars. Not only was there a budget but instead of dropping a washer, they were dropping an egg, better known as Eggbert. They had the options of aluminum foil, dark or white plastic, masking tape, cotton balls, a bubble square, or a coffee filter. They could protect their egg with any of these items, however they planned, as long as they did not exceed their budget. All groups used different amounts of items and had different designs. Their choice of material and how they used it affected how Eggbert landed. Manny designs were made, and many parachutes were dropped, but only 1 Eggbert survived. I would like to say that the 5th grade class enjoyed this experiment overall.

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